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The Hill

to be published in January/February 2023

THE HILL consists of photographs I’ve taken of deer stalking at Kinloch Hourn Lodge on the west coast of Scotland over the last 30 years.


The stalker Donald Cameron wrote an introduction shortly before he died in the summer of 2022. The book also contains a brief history of the Lodge.

'Garlinda Birkbeck has stepping into 'my' kind of  landscape, under 'my' skies. I am incredibly envious of how she has made these photographs. From the first picture of the stag, the work has the resonance of painting. These photographs reveal the skill of someone who has tracked deer for decades. 

I am looking at these pictures both as a photographer and as a country-dweller. I understand what these pictures mean. There is no cruelty involved. I am qualified to say this. There is a moral here. 

We have to understand that there is also love for the place and the prey. 

Sir Don McCullin

THE HILL, which contains 50 of my photographs, has been beautifully printed by Conti Tipicolor S.p.A. of Florencec, and will be available in UK bookshops in January 2023. I’m lucky that Saltways will distribute and market internationally.


If you’d like a signed (or unsigned) copy directly from me, please let me know at

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