"Her work is extraordinary. I am in awe."

Anthony Horowitz, author 

"There is a great tension between her empathic treatment of human subjects, in which she captures a moment of connectedness between people and these stark often uninhabited places into which she projects an equal sense of engagement."

Antony Gormley, artist 

"Work of outstanding quality and impact... a photographic eye that deserves the broadest acknowledgement... an emotive connection to each one of her subjects delivered with superb technical ability."

Robin Woodhead, CEO Sotheby's  

Garlinda is a highly accomplished portrait and landscape photographer.  She photographs without artificial light and as naturally as possible. She is based in the United Kingdom but travels around the world to photograph landscapes. Garlinda also photographs extensively for various charities in the UK and abroad. 

Garlinda's photographs Ghost I and Ghost II can be seen at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition from September 2021 to January 2021.